A few years ago I was approached by a group called Minot Disc Golf. They were so kind to give me the opportunity to create a logo for them. During the design process, I came up with the idea of using well known landmarks of the Minot area. The Scandinavian Heritage Center Building came to mind. So I started tinkering and I stumbled upon this beautiful minimalist idea . (See below)


Aside of the "Take Home Bakes" logo; I think this is the best logo I have ever made. I really like minimalism in design and this one really turned out well. Unfortunately this wasn't the direction they wanted to go with it so I just kept it for safe keeping. I also came up with the idea of this being a logo for the actual heritage park itself to play on the idea some more. Even though this logo doesn't have a home, I really wanted to share it with you.

If you are interested in purchasing this logo, please email me.