A little while back, when Little Mountain was just getting started, a fantastic fellow named Ward Lamon reached out to me about creating him a website and logo for his DJ service, PMQ Entertainment. Things really turned out well and I really enjoyed working with him. Soon after he had got me in contact with David Lavergne to build Lost at Sea Together and soon after that connected me with Prairie Grit (which also connected me with Vardon Golf Club and North Main 10) and THEN reached out to me about building a website for his local church; The Pursuit. So I guess you could say this guy has been more than supportive to me.

To say that the group of people he works with at the church are nice would be a massive understatement. I really enjoyed working on this project with them. Such a good group of people to work with.

This church is based out of the Minot area and has quite a passionate following. If you are in the Minot area and are considering stopping in for a mass, please check out their site to learn more about them!