Michelle Livingston

Joel did an amazing job on my website. He was patient, creative, thorough, timely and was willing to go above and beyond to make sure the website turned out just as I wanted it. His customer service was refreshing and sincere. Even after our contract was up he was willing to help me out with a few kinks here and there. And he made sure I had all the tools I needed to manage my website moving forward. I would work with him again anytime and highly recommend his services.


Ashlee Deschamp (10 North Main)

"Joel was not only incredibly professionally but attentive to your project and committed to getting everything just the way you envisioned no matter how many changes, and still willing to do more. Great ideas and thorough execution. Understands time lines and respects customers needs."



Carol Anne Hough (Playwright)

"Joel Janikowski is patient, creative and ambitious. He completed my website a few days ago, and it is already helping me to make new professional contacts. I would definitely recommend him."



Dan (RTL Entertainment)

"From start to finish Joel met all of our needs. He was always looking to meet our expectations. In fact he indeed went above and beyond them.”



Kayla (Take Home Bakes)

“When I worked with Joel, my preference was his priority. He made sure that I liked everything from the font to individual lines styles. His attention to detail really made my logo become something so much more than just an image.”



David (Lost At Sea Together)

"If you are in need of a logo or website contact this guy. He designed everything to do with Lost At Sea Together. Ballin’ guy to work with."



Ward (PMQ Entertainment) 

“Joel Janikowski was absolutely fantastic to work with! Professional. Creative. Efficient. His process is very inclusive as he makes sure to reach the best solution with you and your vision. His experience shows in his helpful suggestions in all things logo creation, branding, and web design. I have been very pleased in working with him and would certainly recommend bringing him on board for any project you might have that needs that certain special touch to make it just perfect.”



Matt (The Lone Boners)

“Shout out with our trouts out to Joel Janikowski for the killer new logos for the page! Super legit, hardworking fella - send your digital art needs his way!”