Before we begin, I would like to say thank you for choosing Little Mountain for your design services. Your choice not only gives me the opportunity to help more people, but it will also help me earn my college degree in Elementary Special Education. I thank you for that.


step 1: pay & sign

Click play to watch a walkthrough video on the payment and contract process.


step 2: info

This is probably one of the most important parts of the process. I need you to fill out this form below. It will contain all the information I need to build your website and also stay connected with you properly.

Name Main Contactee *
Name Main Contactee
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During this step, I will be taking your information and organizing it Into a more aesthetically pleasing manner. This involves some emails between you and myself clarifying the vision of the end product that will be your website. If you ever have any questions please email/call me.


STEP 4: final draft

Here is the first big reveal of your new website! Although it is not finished we are getting really close! I will send you a temporary URL so you can others can try a live demonstration of your website. Once you are finish looking the site over, you will sent me a list of changes/updates you want done on the site. This may take a couple of emails to clarify all the tweaks.


step 5: release

The big day has arrived! Your website is now live and ready for the use! I will now send you a series of pre-made AND custom made walk-through videos that will guide you in the next phase of maintain the website on your own! Now don’t worry, I am always willing to help if you get in a jam.